Signs of a Poor Bra Fitter!

By the way, most box stores do not count as having proper bra fitters. Their “fitters” are sales people and mainly want to make a sale. They also carry an extremely limited range of sizes and will try to fit you into whatever they have, rather than the style and size that is right for you  

A good fitter should:
    • Bring you several different styles and sizes to try on, and keep doing so until you find something perfect.
    • Be attentive and listen to your needs
    • Be somebody you feel comfortable with
    • show you how to put on a bra correctly
A fitter should NEVER:
    • Make you feel bad about your body or breasts
    • Tell you that you need a reduction
    • Touch your breasts without permission or in a way that makes you uncomfortable
    • Pressure you to buy a bra that you don't feel fits right or is uncomfortable **
    • Please leave without making a purchase if any of the above occur!
The following may not be signs that your fitter is ill informed:
    • They don't use a measuring tape- actually, this probably means that they are more experienced.
    • They encourage you to give a bra with a band that feels much tighter than you are used to a fair try before declaring it “too tight”**
Many women will think that their band is too tight, and be unwilling to give it a chance. Remember, the band is what is giving most of the support! If you can get it closed, it probably fits. Consider buying one, and trying it for a few weeks. Or if you really can't stand it, try one band size up from that only and try getting used to it for a few weeks to a month, and then see how you feel. If it's still uncomfortable then, it doesn't fit. But even if it feels “too tight,” It might actually be too loose, with too small cups (which would make it feel “too tight.”) Bras should move with you and not against you, as this is how the underwires start to pop out. 

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